The Music

Music is an essential element in the festivities. Bands of music and groups of the dolzaina and tabalet-traditional instruments-enliven the street parades and passacaglia with their traditional tunes. The Bonfires of St. John have their own wide number of scores composed especially for these occasions, such as the hymns of the Comisiones or compositions dedicated to relevant personalities like the President of the Federaciò of the bonfires. The most important works is the hymn Les Fogueres de Sant Joan composed by master Torregrosa, a composition of great quality which is played in every important act of the festivity.

The most important day of the Bonfires of St. John for music is the one of the entrance parade of the music bands-Entrada de Bandas celebrated on the Saturday before the beginning of the Festivities. Each Comisión marches along the city centre accompanied by a music band or by a colla-a small traditional music band. All the bands will compete with their music to obtain the prize.

But music is not the only star during these high days. During the whole year concerts and musical contests in the various districts or auditoriums will play tribute to this important element of the feast with their vast array of festive compositions.


Picture: Federació de les Fogueres de Sant Joan