The Bonfires are the people’s festivities and take place in the streets of the city. Parades are one of the main festive manifestations of the festivity in the street. The parades in the centre of the city and in every district of the city fill the main streets and squares of Alicante with life, music, colour and gunpowder during the days of Fogueres.

During the big festive days each Comision parades in the streets of their districts at dawn to cheer up their neighbours with music, also visiting shops and nearby district Comisiones. The despertà (awakening) early in the morning fills the district with the sound of firecrackers to wake up those who are sleeping and also to announce them of the new day.

The city centre is the place where the official parades take place. The Pregón Parade (local festival opening speech) happens on the weekend prior to the 20th June and the Belleses y Dames d’Honor of each district parade together towards the Town Hall where the traditional official festival opening speech will be given from one of its balconies by an outstanding public personality.

Next day all the different Comisiones with their Barraques will parade in the city centre form Luceros Circus down to the city’s Town Hall accompanied by music bands or small traditional instrument ones or collas. In this parade music is the most outstanding element and thus the best bands which have played their melodies during its march are awarded with prizes.

Amusement will arrive one day later with the Ninot Parade, a parade where participants dress up with allusive costumes of their most important ninot (effigy) of their monument. This is an informal light-hearted parade with assured laughter from the spectators.


"Ninot" Parade, Picture: Federació de Fogueres

The offering of flowers to the Virgin of Remei, patron saint of Alicante, occurs on 21st and 22nd June, this being the oldest offering in Spain.

Finally, June 23rd is the day when the last parade takes place, the International Parade. Here people from different towns and even countries show their regional or national costumes, music and traditions. This is a very amusing and colourful parade attracting a great number of public.


International Parade, Picture: Tony Díez