Feel the heat of our festivity!
The Bonfires of St. John
From 20th to 24th June

Official Festivities of the city of Alicante
Festivities Declared of International Tourist Interest
Cultural Interest

Event Scheduling

June 20

The festivity begins with the plantà

June 23

The amusement of the International Folklore Parade will enthrall you

June 21 and 22

Flower scent in the Flower Offering and gunpowder smell in the Mascletà

June 24

Alicante burns out with the cremà. Feel the banyà

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June 25th to 29th
by the sea




Fogueres Museum

The museum of Hogueras of Alicante is a dominium where the different evolutive stages of the festivity are exhibited.You may find collection of ninots indultats...

Pistoletazo de salida a les Fogueres 2017

A menos de 20 días para que comience la Fiesta de Fogueres, ya han empezado todos los preparativos y con ellos la celebración del...

Iberdrola patrocina el desfile del Pregón de las fiestas de Fogueres de Alicante

Iberdrola va a patrocinar por cuarto año consecutivo el desfile del Pregón con motivo de las fiestas de Fogueres de Alicante. Esta la colaboración se...

Visita Oficial y Presentación Escaparate de Fogueres en el Corte Inglés

La Bellesa del Foc d'Alacant, Sofía Escoda y les seues Dames d'Honor han acudido a la Presentación del escaparate de Fogueres 2017 que expone...

Martina Núñez proclamada oficialmente Bellesa del Foc Infantil d’Alacant

Belleses, Dames y Presidentes Infantiles han sido testigos de la Proclamación Oficial de las representantes infantiles de les Fogueres de Sant Joan. El acto...

The Dolçaina and the tabalet

The dolçaina (traditional flute instrument) produces a distinctive characteristic sound together with the tabalet (small drums) present in all the traditional dances and popular...

The danses

DISCOVER OUR TRADITIONS Tradition and culture are important elements in this festivity. They are represented by artistic expressions like for instance, in dancing. The danses...

Nanos i Gegants

ENJOY YOURSELVES WATCHING THOSE FUNNY CHARACTERS. LIVE THE TRADITION. St John’s Bonfires are festivities based on the traditions of Alicante. They are the expressions of...

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